"To be a great artist; you need to live a life worth painting."

-Tegan Georgette-

As a child, I sometimes found the world to be boring. Art gave me the freedom to create magic. I believe I was born an artist and I could draw pictures before I could read and write.

The notion of self-expression through art is very important and I pride myself on my ability to remain honest in all forms of my work. Art gives us a way to capture beauty in every aspect of life, tell a story through images and convey emotion on a page.

Much like my art, I live my life in its purest form and always to the fullest. While most artists have a particular artistic method when creating, my method focuses instead on my life and myself foremost. I create a life full of amazing food and deep relationships; fill my mind with knowledge and my heart with love. I look after my body and once all this is sorted, I paint.

Having enjoyed the company of many talented artists in my life, I have noticed a contrast between their art and their seemingly tortured souls.

Suicide, anxiety, alcoholism and abusive relationships all seemed to be a part of being an artist. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, but refused to accept that I needed a tortured story to be successful and talented. This inspired me to live on the other side. Be inspired by life rather than death, ecstasy rather than misery.

About my Art

Art is a product of pure presence and passion. I believe people can create art in whatever they do by simply being present and passionate. Everyday is a blank canvas from which people can create any experiences.

My art is reflective, reactive and part of my art practice has been to NOT think when I am creating. My creations are best when I am able to surrender and allow the art to flow through me.

My pieces incorporate a combination of creative styles including contemporary, surrealism, expressionism and figurative elements. I am not restricted to one style and I thrive on the unpredictability of my creative self.

Advice that I am always eager to give young artists is to create art from a space of curiosity and exploration. The liberty to express yourself through art is something really powerful and a therapeutic experience that I encourage many of my students to embrace.

There has been such a fear built up about creativity - a fear of not being good enough or work not being realistic. I believe artistic expression is freeing and an amazing form of mediation, therapy, communication, entertainment and connection. I hope that every artist is able to experience the freedom of being creative by simply being present and showing passion in whatever they may do.

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