Life is a work of Art!

Art is a product of pure presence and passion. I believe people can create art in whatever they do by simply being present and passionate. Everyday is a blank canvas from which you can create any experiences.

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Hi I am Tegan

I believe everybody has an artist within them, your inner artist has amazing skills that are different to anyone else’s on the planet. When you make friends with your inner artist you will feel alive and start to see the world through its eyes as the magical place it is. Being an artist is a journey full of ups and downs, to be able to express yourself and share this expression with others is one of the most amazing experiences you can have.

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Giving me a million reasons!!!- Thoughts on Conflict... There will always be conflict in every relationship, community, and family on the planet. We all need conflict in our lives to grow and adapt. Instead of focusing on getting rid of conflict. Decide how you will grow to meet and handle the conflict. Most conflict is out of your hands. Don't let […]
Becoming a Women in 2016- I am going to start my blog with this poem I wrote a couple of months ago. This poem is about becoming a women in 2016, We are all matter and all matter…and don’t at the same time Becoming a woman in 2016 I didn't know who I was… I didn't know I was.... I […]

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